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vSOC Managed Security Services

1By design GuidePoint’s Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC) branded Managed Security Services address the flaws commonly found with other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). vSOC’s ongoing “World Class” customer satisfaction rating validates this approach, and provides you with confidence that vSOC differentiates itself from the competition.

Information Assurance Services

2Advanced technologies require expertise uncommon to most information technology professionals. Information security managers across the globe are experiencing the same qualified resource shortage as they hunt for potential candidates. Other situations require the need for professionals with such a targeted skill-set that the only economical option is to utilize professional services organizations.

Technology Integration Services

3Today’s technologies are rapidly changing the landscape of business communications. Information security managers are tasked with embracing emerging technologies while also managing their associated risk to the organization. Effective information security managers recognize their role as business enablers, but often lack the time or resources to effectively secure such technologies.

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