GuidePoint Security Presents on The Benefits of Leveraging Maltego With Existing Security Tools

If you are in the Boston area this weekend, be sure to catch GuidePoint Security’s David Bressler present “Maltego in The Enterprise” at the BSides Boston security event this Saturday, May 18th at 4:40 PM.

Presentation Abstract: Maltego in The Enterprise

Organizations face an overwhelming number of threats on a day to day basis, the detection and analysis of these threats can be an overwhelming task at times. Having the ability to conduct a visual high-level analysis on specific threats detected within an organization can point security teams to the exact data that should be further analyzed or issues such as vulnerabilities that should be validated and remediated. Maltego is a well-known information-gathering tool used to gather information from external data sources about specific organizations, domains, people, etc. This talk will highlight the advantages of leveraging Maltego within an enterprise internal network environment and the benefits of integrating existing security tools into Maltego. In addition, several use cases and demonstrations on how to leverage Maltego within an enterprise infrastructure to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits within an organization based on the collection of internal data from existing security tools will be presented.

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GuidePoint Security Presents on Web Application Hacking and Defenses

In the Tampa Bay area? Be sure to catch GuidePoint Security’s Principal, Bryan Orme, present How to Hack Web Applications for Profit (And How to Prevent Yours From Being Hacked) at the Tampa Bay ISSA Chapter Meeting this Friday, May 17th at 9 a.m.

Presentation Abstract: How to Hack Web Applications for Profit (And How to Prevent Yours From Being Hacked)

The constant barrage of breaches that we’ve seen over the past several years have made two things very clear—every organization is at risk and every web application is a target. As a security professional, it does not matter whether breaches are brought about by hacktivists such as LulzSec or Anonymous, the acts of criminally minded hackers or nation state sponsored attacks, the consequences of vulnerable web applications can wreak havoc on your company. Attackers are determined, inventive and patient, while your organization’s application portfolio is dynamic, vulnerable and always connected to the Internet. This presentation will discuss why web applications are vulnerable, why they’re under attack, and provide an overview of the most common vulnerabilities found in web applications. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how web applications are attacked, the most common vulnerabilities found in web applications, and how to prevent these vulnerabilities from being identified and exploited in your web applications.

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