Time Inc. (Time) recently mentioned GuidePoint Security (GuidePoint) in an article in the Wall Street Journal CIO Journal. Time leverages GuidePoint’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) expertise to guide them through the migration of applications into AWS. Specifically, GuidePoint provides expertise in implementing architectures and control frameworks that not only provide security, but also PCI compliance.

“We appreciate GuidePoint Security’s advice through this process. Their specific working knowledge of security and PCI compliance in AWS has been a great asset to us,” said Keith O’Sullivan, VP – Global Information Security for Time Inc.

Organizations are rapidly increasing their cloud-adoption, however Information Security and compliance considerations present both a challenge and an opportunity while moving to the cloud. Organizations must include Information Security and compliance experts into their project team, or risk jeopardizing their cloud-application’s security and compliance.

GuidePoint provides this expertise through our Cloud Solutions and Compliance practices. We’ve worked with numerous clients developing secure architectures, control frameworks, policies and procedures, and implementing security technologies across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS platforms enabling our clients to leverage the benefits of the cloud while maintaining or improving their Information Security and compliance posture.

Contact sales@guidepointsecurity.com or visit www.guidepointsecurity.com to learn more about our Cloud Solutions and Compliance practices.

About GuidePoint Security

GuidePoint Security, LLC provides customized, innovative and valuable information security solutions and proven cyber security expertise that enable commercial and federal organizations to successfully achieve their security and business goals. By embracing new technologies, GuidePoint Security helps clients recognize the threats, understand the solutions, and mitigate the risks present in their evolving IT environments. Headquartered in Reston, Va., and with offices in Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida and North Carolina. GuidePoint Security is a small business, and classification can be found with the System for Award Management (SAM).