Today’s Managed Security services are broken. More specifically, Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP)vSoc image copy
that focus on providing clients with an outsourced Security Operations Center (SOC) are broken. Organizations have resigned themselves to the fact that true SOC features and coverage cannot be obtained through MSSPs. Rather, only “checkbox” compliance and liability can be successfully outsourced. I have personally experienced this as both a trusted advisor to my clients, as well as an end-user at numerous organizations, and the result is a sad state of affairs.

Given the additional focus and resources dedicated to Information Security these days, the MSSP industry continues to grow, despite its overdue need for innovation. In speaking with GuidePoint clients for the past three years, the above premise of “checkbox” compliance and finger pointing has proven to be the prime reasons for shifting to an MSSP. Information Security leaders are forced to accept these substandard services when balancing limited budgets allocated for protecting their organization against the ever-increasing onslaught of attacks. Most organizations cannot afford to build and fully staff their SOC. The choice comes down to constructing their own SOC with limited coverage, features, and time spent finding qualified personnel or simply settling for the aforementioned benefits of MSSPs.

These limited options are unacceptable to us. And after significant market research, GuidePoint has entered the MSSP arena with a bold, new, first offering of the Virtual Security Operations Center or vSOC. Our goal is to be the best value provider by supplying our clients with the specific services they require, not be the lowest cost alert amplifier on the market. Our vSOC offering will force the legacy MSSP providers to truly rethink their business model and how they are adding value to their clients. Likewise, it will redefine what is possible by partnering with a truly next-generation MSSP.

We’ve developed our vSOC-managed services offering around six core values, all of which significantly differentiate us from the legacy MSSPs. These six core values are:

  • Providing response-time Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), based on time from event or incident validation;
  • Providing volume-based pricing, rather than per device pricing;
  • Developing a vSOC platform that addresses real-world issues;
  • Providing our clients with ownership of, and access to their data;
  • Leveraging the power and scalability of cloud computing; and
  • Providing our clients portability (you can take your vSOC environment and data with you).

If these values sound completely contrary to the MSSP industry you know, it’s because they are! GuidePoint’s innovation in the Information Security space has officially taken its largest step to date. We’re excited to force an industry, long overdue for innovation, to change.

Here’s to advancing Information Security through true innovation.

For more information on our vSOC solution, join us for the “vSOC Technology Sets New Standards, Ignites Change” webinar on April 16th. Register here. GuidePoint Security is also hosting in-person meetings at the RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco. For more information on how to set-up a meeting, email us at

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