Government officials and employers need to be confident that their most valued and classified information is not being accessed and handed over to unauthorized users or enemies of the United States.

Supervisors and colleagues, who worked alongside the individuals responsible for the most devastating security breaches in recent history, were unaware of the damage until after it was done. According to the CompTIA study released in April 2015, 52% of all security breaches are caused by employees.

To prevent future incidents, Congress and the federal government have been addressing the issue of insider threats through hearings and policy and procedural changes. The measures are designed to enhance security and minimize the possibility of other internal and external threats.
*See some of the relevant policies listed below.

Fortunately, through new technology and services, GuidePoint Security adds additional security layers so employee activities can be monitored to identify potential insider threats and to comply with new policies and requirements, with little or no disruptions to day-to-day operations. In addition to finding the right technologies, our Technology Integration services ensure that your costly security technologies are installed and work properly by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.

GuidePoint’s services for Identity Access Management (IdAM) specialize in deploying Security Access Managers (SAM), which use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to meet these new goals and challenges.

Simply put, GuidePoint’s new IdAM solution will provide for the:

  • Elimination of anonymous access;
  • Protection of agency data;
  • Fulfill the requirement to audit users’ access to the enterprise auditing solution;
  • Utilize PKI; and
  • Provide government organizations and contractors with the ability to remain in compliance with the new changes.

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*Some of the relevant policies include the following:

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