Enterprise security cannot be procrastinated. No matter the size of your business or your specific industry, a security breach is not something any company wants to experience.

The 2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report states, “The forecast average loss for a breach of 1,000 records is between $52,000 and $87,000.” Not only does a breach potentially expose or harm your company’s intellectual property, but such an event may also expose information about your employees and customers. It’s time to seriously consider partnering with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) before it’s too late. Using an MSSP is almost always more cost-effective than establishing the same services in-house. It is faster to set up and implement and your organization will benefit from a wider pool of expertise and experience than is accessible when confined to hiring security practitioners from your own geographic backyard.

The Extra Costs of Internal SOC vs MSSP

Cost is always a driving factor, if not the sole deciding factor, when it comes to network security decisions on behalf of your organization. Whether you require tools, personnel or services, security doesn’t contribute to the bottom line; thus, it’s easy to put the issue on the back burner and delay making changes.

What if security didn’t have to be prohibitively expensive? Using an MSSP can be significantly more affordable than the costs associated with building and running a Security Operations Center (SOC) internally.

Costs associated with implementing a SOC in-house:

  • Personnel
    • Recruiting
    • Salaries
    • Benefits
    • Holidays/Leave
    • Retention
  • Furniture & Accommodations
  • Security Appliances
  • Software Licensing
  • Professional Training
    • Vendor-based
    • Security
    • Professional Certifications

By hiring an MSSP to supplement or enhance your security needs, you won’t have many of the above costs. Estimates for using an MSSP range from 20-50% less than building a SOC in-house. If your MSSP is remote or cloud-based, you won’t have the costs associated with furniture and accommodations. You’ll also have access to the personnel employed by the MSSP. This means the benefit of collective experience and expertise for a fraction of the cost of salary. Due to relationships with security vendors, MSSP employees traditionally receive more vendor-based and general security training and professional certifications than what your average budget would pay for.

Shorter Timeframe for Realizing ROI

Any significant investment of capital is going to be tethered to an expectation of return on investment, and the ROI for an in-house built and managed SOC can take years to realize. Hiring and recruiting is expensive and time consuming, as is implementing new technologies.

Steps to ROI on an In-house SOC

  • Select and vet each security solution
  • Acquisition process
  • Vendor equipment processing and delivery
  • Change control board to install and configure the solutions
  • Baseline solutions
  • Test and tune the solutions to ensure optimum functionality

This process can take up to a year (or more). That’s a year your organization will wait to use new solutions or realize measurable ROI, not to mention a year during which your network is left unprotected.

Working with an MSSP for your SOC eliminates extraneous internal processes and dramatically reduces the time from purchase and implementation to true ROI. Additionally, partnering with a cloud-based SOC provider eliminates the testing and vetting of technologies, acquisition delays and the need for change control boards. A few internal configurations will enable the MSSP SOC provider to begin monitoring your environment and showing immediate ROI, with a secure infrastructure already in place and processes and procedures established.

Added Value of MSSP Experience and Expertise

Unlike a traditional in-house SOC analyst, an MSSP SOC analyst has a depth of experience from working with a wide array of customer environments, allowing a broadened technical perspective, knowledge on a greater variety of attack methods and issue resolution,. When it comes to enterprise monitoring, incident detection, reporting and incident response, a staff of security practitioners who perform at a high level consistently is key.

In working as a third-party, an MSSP analyst is not typically subject to internal politics or bias. Being impartial and objective as a security analyst is crucial to ensuring that all incidents are triaged fairly and appropriately. It also ensures that incidents aren’t ignored due to internal pressures from management or other business units. Simply put, the MSSP is hired to monitor and protect your enterprise. Working with a SOC partner eliminates workplace complexities and provides a more thorough and comprehensive service than could be implemented internally.

Ready to Take the Next MSSP Step?

On average, an attacker goes unnoticed for 205 days in an enterprise network. By the time personnel recognize a problem, 69% of the time they’re notified by an outside entity like the police, the government, or the attacker themselves. Security should never be taken lightly, and an MSSP is a cost-effective way to get the security monitoring and services you need to protect your organization today. With an immediate ROI and dependable security expertise, hiring an MSSP to augment and enhance your enterprise SOC is a smart business decision.

GuidePoint Security offers a fully managed Security-Platform-as-a-Service (SPaaS) called the Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC). We provide the people, process and technology to run a world-class SOC from our cloud-based platform. The dynamic scalability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with the unparalleled power of Splunk, coupled with a threat intelligence platform, we’ve created a comprehensive solution for enterprise security. The GuidePoint solution is designed to augment your existing security team, allowing you to shift focus from operating information technologies to consuming IT.

If your organization is interested in learning more about enhancing your Enterprise Security posture, contact us to learn more about GuidePoint’s vSOC today!

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