In a recent blog article titled, Star Wars X – Attack of the DROWNs: Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection Detects the DROWN SSLv2 Vulnerability, Prelert announced the ability to detect Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption (DROWN) attacks using machine-based learning through the Prelert Anomaly Detective (AD) tool. The widespread nature of the vulnerabilities related to DROWN means that it is highly likely there are still many vulnerable servers in the wild that could benefit from the watchful eye of Prelert AD operated by the trained network defenders of a managed security service like GuidePoint Security’s Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC). vSOC leverages the power of Prelert’s AD to enhance the native detection capabilities of our Splunk-centric monitoring platform. The DROWN use case, in addition to many other co-developed use cases, provides vSOC with finely tuned anomaly detection that enables us to quickly identify, validate, and report critical security incidents to our customers. Stay tuned to the GuidePoint vSOC blog for other joint efforts and collaborative projects all focused on the protection of enterprise networks and data through advanced monitoring and hunting techniques.

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