Free webinar: Real-world examples of how to keep your environment secure from attacks, accelerate remediation

If you’re an information security professional responsible for incident response, you may feel frustrated and overburdened by all the manual processes needed to keep your environment safe.

You’re not alone.

In a recent Enterprise Strategy Group survey, more than 60 percent of information technology professionals say their organization has taken steps to automate incident response, but 91 percent say those processes are not effective or efficient.

Did you know there are resources and tools available to help facilitate some of these key processes for your organization? GuidePoint Security’s Virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC) analysts and incident responders have real-world experience using these types of tools. One such tool, Carbon Black, helps power GuidePoint’s vSOC enabling analysts and responders to hunt for incidents in real time, visualize the complete attack kill chain, and efficiently defend environments from attacks.

Here are some examples of how they have successfully used Carbon Black to stop incidents and monitor endpoints:

PowerShell Watchlist

Recently, GuidePoint analysts used Carbon Black to create a PowerShell watchlist for an unauthorized user attempt. Once alerted, analysts tracked down a malicious remote address and shut down unauthorized privileges on the host.

Environment audits

In another instance, vSOC analysts used Carbon Black to audit an environment to limit privilege account credentials. The audit alerted analysts to a possible vulnerability that could have allowed unrestricted access to a domain.

PUA/PUP activity

vSOC analysts recently used Carbon Black to create a custom watchlist for PUA/PUP activity. They found an instance that stood out from others and located an unapproved IE toolbar, which was loaded without approval on multiple workstations. The toolbar was isolated as a threat because it had the ability to monitor web-browsing behaviors.

Would you like to know more about these real-world incident response examples and how you can move from playing incident response catch-up to proactively hunting for threats?

Join GuidePoint and Carbon Black for a free, interactive webinar, “Conquering Challenges of Incident Response: Real-Time Hunting and Response,” at 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17. The session will last about 45 minutes, with a chance to interact with the presenters, Stephen Jones, GuidePoint’s director of managed services, and Justin Scarpaci, technical solutions lead, Carbon Black.

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About the presenters

Stephen Jones has more than 10 years of experience in information technology and cyber security. He specializes in security operations and has extensive experience working within the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Justin Scarpaci is a technical account manager on the Partner Success team at Carbon Black. In that role, he assists IR/MSSP partners with operationalizing Carbon Black as part of their service offerings. Justin served in the Marine Corps and has worked in multiple security roles for a defense contractor. He has a master’s degree in information security and forensics.

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