It is common knowledge that cybersecurity is no longer about protecting a defined perimeter with good firewalls and network defenses. With the rise of the mobile workforce and the threat posed by users’ bad cyber hygiene, it’s no longer simple in cybersecurity. In effect, the cybersecurity game has evolved from a game of checkers with queens (firewalls) and men (AV), to a more complex game that has rooks, kings, queens, pawns, knights and bishops. Each piece has a different skill set and value on the game board defending an organization’s data.

No longer do we protect the network from a singular ingress/egress point and end points with simple signature based AV. Today’s organizations’ IT infrastructure are accessed by users all over the world, outside the boundaries of an on-premise network and typical IT enterprises utilize efficient cloud technologies that extend networks beyond the control of brick and mortar data centers. The attack surface is difficult to ascertain much less defend against. We are no longer playing checkers; we are indeed in the more strategic and difficult game of chess.

This is clearly on display in the expo halls of the largest cybersecurity conferences the likes of RSA. Hundreds of companies are popping up often with valuable new and innovative ideas for CISOs and CIOs to consider. Each one is like a new game piece offering a different way to move around the cybersecurity board and checkmate the nefarious attackers trying to steal data from organizations. Today is an exciting time to be in cybersecurity, but it’s also daunting.

What organizations need is help navigating the wide array of options and assistance integrating and automating the many game pieces in today’s cybersecurity architectures. Simply sending out your knight and rook to protect a pawn without a coordinated plan will probably cost you all three pieces in chess. That’s what we at GuidePoint do every day.

Not only do we help navigate the many different product choices to find the most valuable, but we help organizations put together an architecture that establishes a plan of attack on the chess board with integration and automation to make each piece more effective. If you would like help with your cybersecurity chess game, contact us at

About the author:

Jean-Paul Bergeaux, Federal CTO, GuidePoint Security

With more than 18 years of experience in the Federal technology industry, Jean-Paul Bergeaux is currently the Federal CTO for GuidePoint Security. JP’s career has been marked by success in technical leadership roles with ADIC (now Quantum), NetApp and Commvault and SwishData. Jean-Paul focuses on identifying customers’ challenges and architecting innovative solutions to solve their complex problems. He is also is a thought leader on topics that are top of mind for Federal IT Managers like Cyber Security, VDI, Big Data, and Backup & Recovery.