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Today, organizations are scrambling to find managed security services providers (MSSPs) who can combat the shortage of qualified cybersecurity personnel available. Enterprises that have moved operational components of their security programs to MSSPs (e.g. management of on-premise or cloud-based Security Incident and Event Management Systems (SIEM)), often express disappointment with the value that typical MSSPs provide. Because most traditional MSSPs consider it their core function to forward alerts at a certain threshold to the customer for treatment, widespread complaints by organizations are growing – claiming that noise emanating from their MSSPs require as much manpower as managing their SIEM in-house. As such, these MSSPs are not adequately addressing the needs of their customers.

GuidePoint Security focuses its solution development on addressing these needs. Instead of reworking a failed model, GuidePoint brings Advanced Security Operations to our customers through a combination of best-in-class practices and technologies. Instead of simply forwarding alerts from customer SIEM environments, GuidePoint’s vSOC managed security service validates every alert to ensure that each threat is real. By doing so before taking further action or alerting our customers, customers save time and resources in tracking down false-positives.

Leveraging its partnership with CrowdStrike and Splunk, GuidePoint’s vSOC recently developed the capability to automate critical security operations functions including detection, hunting and remediation. Together, the advanced capabilities of both the Splunk platform and Crowdstrike’s Falcon Platform, allow customers to trust GuidePoint’s vSOC (and their skilled analysts) to alert them once an incident has been detected, validated and remediated. This practice offloads these processes from our customers’ security teams and allows them to focus on other tasks requiring their unique context and expertise, providing real value to our customers.

Interested in learning more? GuidePoint Security has a booth at .conf2017: the 8th Annual Splunk Conference, in Washington DC, Sept. 25-28th. Drop by and see us at the conference for a live Advanced SecOps demo.

Stay tuned for future blog posts on the coming solutions GuidePoint’s vSOC uses to provide customers with Advanced Security Operations – virtually.

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Robert Vaile – GuidePoint Security’s Director for vSOC Product Development