vSOC Background

Recently, mainstream industry surveying and analyst firms have echoed what security leaders have known for some time, there are insufficient skilled security professionals to meet the demands for in-house cybersecurity expertise. This is driving security leaders from all industry segments to consider capable external security services providers to deliver needed expertise. Even organizations that have traditionally preferred or mandated that staff security resources be provided internally, have begun to explore outsourcing security capabilities. Federal government agencies that have strict control requirements and historically internal security teams are increasingly looking externally for capable managed security service providers (MSSP).

One of the hottest areas of need is Splunk expertise. Both installing, configuring and running as well as “eyes-on-glass” SOC analysts are using the application to keep agencies secure. While Splunk is an incredibly powerful platform that is taking the Federal government by storm, the situation has created an expected inability to find qualified “Splunkers” at an affordable cost for government agencies.

The challenge and opportunity for MSSPs like GuidePoint Security, is to deliver highly mature services that are compatible with the requirements of government organizations. For example, GuidePoint employs only US citizens who are based in the United States to manage security services for our customers. GuidePoint vSOC managed services, based on Splunk technology, can be deployed to FedRamp environments, and support FedRamp controls. These types of capabilities will be key to supporting an increasing government client base.

But government clients do not simply require checkbox compliance requirements to be met, they also expect sophisticated operational capabilities and high levels of service. Agencies expect to maximize the value delivered by the MSSP, and to minimize the time and effort of scarce internal security resources. GuidePoint prides itself on delivering white-glove service to its customers by managing SIEM to a higher level than typical of MSSPs. For example, vSOC analysts validate every Splunk event with the intent of eliminating false positives before providing an alert to clients. GuidePoint has augmented its core service (vSOC Detect) with advanced technologies and processes that integrate natively with Splunk, including extensive threat intelligence enrichment, darkweb threat monitoring, security automation and orchestration, active threat hunting, and managed endpoint detection & response. These capabilities allow GuidePoint to deliver advanced security operations that can significantly augment a client’s internal security capabilities. These service features also offer a level of capability and sophistication required by government clients.

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