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HERNDON, VA – March 20, 2019 – GuidePoint Security, a cybersecurity solutions leader enabling organizations to make smarter decisions and minimize risk, announced today that its Managing Security Engineer, Felix Simmons, is a named contributor of the CIS Microsoft Azure Foundations Security Benchmark. The document is published by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and is meant to provide prescriptive guidance and recommendations for establishing a foundational level of security for anyone adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud.

“This benchmark is a great example of a community of users, vendors and subject matter experts working together through consensus collaboration to deliver a framework that provides a starting point for organizations interested in implementing Microsoft Azure,” stated Simmons. “It’s our hope that InfoSecurity teams will use this document as a guideline and will continue to make additional, site-specific enhancements in order to meet the requirements of their own ecosystems.”

For organizations looking to securely move to the cloud, GuidePoint Security offers a variety of services, including a review of cloud security posture and policies, as well as readiness assessments to identify usage of any unsanctioned cloud apps. GuidePoint also partners with organizations to help determine the best-fit cloud architecture and solutions for their environments and resources. “When thinking about moving to the cloud, many organizations struggle with where to begin,” stated Simmons. “GuidePoint makes it easier for cybersecurity teams to understand what they need to do in order to prepare for the move, as well as to identify the gaps or vulnerabilities in their architecture and the resources required to support implementation and ongoing management.”

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