GuidePoint Security Presents on Offensive Mobile Forensics and Bitcoin Transactions at BSides Boston 2014

Conference attendees will get a new experience this year at the annual Security BSides Boston 2014 Conference.  GuidePoint Security speakers will cover two new topics at BSides:  Offensive Mobile Forensics and Bitcoin Transactions.

When:  May 9-10, 2014
Where:  Security BSides Boston 2014, Cambridge, MA

First up of our two speakers is David Bressler. He will discuss Bitcoin Explorer – Visualizing/Monitoring Bitcoin Transactions.

Bitcoin was originally made public as a proof-of-concept in 2009.  Since then, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have been gaining a vast amount of public attention with their valuation and volatility, ultimately making them a target for online criminals to steal.  Bitcoin, in particular, is both controversial and interesting to a large number of people, due to recent attacks on its exchanges. The pseudo-anonymous nature of Bitcoin has also piqued public interest because it makes tracking specific transactions and uncovering the Bitcoin address where the coins are stored difficult.  This talk will go over the basics of crypto currencies, specifically Bitcoin, and demonstrate how anyone could visualize Bitcoin transactions by utilizing the public Bitcoin block chain (general ledger).

Our next Speaker, Joey Peloquin, will discuss Offensive Mobile Forensics.

Offensive Mobile Forensics is a process in which an analyst employs the same techniques and tools potential attackers or criminals use on lost or stolen devices, to determine the actual risk of that loss or theft to the enterprise.  What data is accessible? This talk will educate attendees on some of the tools that can be used, where the most interesting data is stored on the device, and examples of data leakage from actual analysis.  Finally, he’ll perform a couple of live technical demos.

Be sure to visit the Security BSides Boston Conference to hear these accomplished speakers.  Also, stop by to see GuidePoint Security in the exhibit hall.

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