Provide security, compliance, performance, and optimization in a collapsible architecture meeting all of your application component requirements.

GuidePoint’s Application Delivery Service, partnered with F5 Networks, offers a comprehensive portfolio of offerings designed to help you host the applications in your web, mobile, and cloud infrastructure. GuidePoint’s security experts are poised to provide you the customized ADC solutions or technical assessment your company requires.


Applications are mission critical to your organization, creating a landscape that is broad and vast. From simple web applications to complex mobile deployments, the defined network edge blurs more and more each day. Delivering and securing the applications in this space can be a complex goal.

Staying ahead of vulnerabilties and risks is a challenge that every organization must face regardless of size or vertical. GuidePoint Security’s Application Delivery solutions can help you face these challenges head-on through our Application Delivery Assessments and our Strategic Solution offerings.

GuidePoint’s Application Delivery Services include:

      • Technical Assessments
        • Application Delivey Controller Healthcheck
        • Web Application Firewall Healthcheck
        • Application Delivery Security Reviews

Custom Solutions

Every application, environment, and development team is different. We customize our solutions to your environment as well as your particular set of challenges. There are no cookie cutters or generic, canned reports. This customization allows us to handle everything from simple applications to complex environments in a comprehensive manner.

Actionable Results

Our offerings provide you detailed, actionable results that help increase your security posture and reduce your cost of remediation by identifying issues before they get into production.

From start to finish our technical assessment reports walk you through the holistic details of all vulnerabilities and gaps we have verified. These details include descriptions, proof of vulnerability, risk levels, reproduction steps, and remediation information.

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