Ensure security is embedded within your development lifecycle to find and fix vulnerabilities in your applications

GuidePoint’s Application Security practice offers a comprehensive portfolio of offerings designed to help you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your web, mobile, and thick client applications. Whether you need help building a Secure SDLC initiative from scratch or need an assessment of a critical application, GuidePoint’s experts can address all your application security needs.


There are many drivers for performing assessments against web, mobile, or thick client applications. Whether assessments are driven by regulatory compliance, mandates such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, or due diligence, GuidePoint’s Application Security experts can help.

Our technical assessment offerings provide you fast, actionable feedback allowing you to quickly reduce your attack surface. We provide detailed information in regards to identified vulnerabilities that includes remediation steps and resources arming you with the information necessary to mitigate exposures.

GuidePoint’s Application Security Technical Assessment offerings include:

Application Security Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of an application’s security posture from a runtime perspective. During this assessment the application is tested dynamically using both automated and manual testing methods with a large part of the focus on manual testing. This allows us to find vulnerabilities that automated tools just can’t find. Applications range from simple web applications to complex thick clients with custom protocols. This means your people or employees can spend more time on remediation and less time on testing.

Mobile Application Security Assessment

An in-depth examination of the mobile application on an actual device. Our testing validates the security of communication channels, discovers weaknesses in runtime behavior, identifies insecure device data storage, locates vulnerabilities in the supporting web services, and finds sensitive information embedded in the application.

Web Security Scanning

Automated testing of your applications with manual validation. During this assessment we configure the scanning tools to your particular application and technology. We also monitor to ensure there are no issues and that the tools are maintaining state. Afterward we provide manual validation of identified results providing you a false positive free report.

Secure Code Review

This is a detailed technical analysis of an application’s source code. This review exposes insecure pieces of code and potentially hidden functionality that an attacker can take advantage of to compromise the application and gain access to sensitive information.

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