Ensure your information security program is aligned with industry best practices, regulations, and compliance mandates to support your organization’s mission

As organizations face continually evolving threats and changes in regulatory landscape, a strategic and thorough approach to an Information Security Program is essential. GuidePoint’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services practice helps organization’s ensure their Information Security program is optimized to meet today’s complex cyber risks.


GuidePoint’s Information Security Program Strategy Review evaluates the current state of your information security program, identifies the desired future state for the organization, and provides recommendations in the form of a prioritized roadmap to detail the activities necessary to improve the information security maturity of your organization.

Whether your security team recognizes significant areas of deficiency or needs a maturity assessment, GuidePoint can help your organization delineate your current security strategy, address potential areas of improvement, and offer guidance to develop a strong and functional information security posture.

In evaluating your information security program strategy, GuidePoint will review:

  • Governance and Oversight: Organizational structure, security strategy, policies, and procedures
  • People: Roles and responsibilities, business relationships, and communication
  • Processes: Processes that exist to support technologies and security functions such as vulnerability management, incident response, vendor management, etc.
  • Technology: Technologies in place to support information security controls from endpoint protection to your network perimeter and everything in between

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