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GuidePoint’s Incident Response and Digital Forensics team helps you to prepare for an information security incident and respond to incidents to help you resume normal business operations quickly.


In today’s evolving technology-based environments, every organization is susceptible to security compromises. Many of these can go undetected altogether or not realized until they cause real damage. With our digital forensics and incident response services, GuidePoint Security helps your organization to prepare for and quickly understand the severity of potential compromises and educate you about the value of quick, effective responses.

Our team helps to prepare for security incidents, and to mitigate the risk of data loss, damage to reputation, or financial penalties resulting from a security incident.

GuidePoint supports your organization by defining appropriate strategies to prevent compromises and identifying and limiting exposure of confirmed attacks. We help you understand your capabilities and what you should do during a security incident. Our team works with you to develop solutions that assist you in making the right decisions.

In the event of a security incident, GuidePoint’s incident responders help organizations contain the impact of the incident, perform digital forensic activities, and assist your organization with resuming normal business operations as quickly as possible.

GuidePoint’s Incident Response and Forensics include:

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