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GuidePoint’s Incident Response and Digital Forensics team helps you to prepare for an information security incident and respond to incidents to help you resume normal business operations quickly.


No one wants to receive official notification of a security incident, but if this occurs, your organization must have a well-thought-out plan. GuidePoint Security’s compromise assessments can help you to identify attackers that are active in your network and looking to exfiltrate data.

If you are a victim of a successful attack, you can experience reputation damage, downstream liability with your directly connected business entities, public humiliation and embarrassment, loss of confidence among your customer base, and excessive civil damages that could continue for years.

Successful incident response includes a clear understanding of how your organization responds to an incident, who you will notify, which teams you will engage, and how to protect the rest of your digital environment. On top of that, your organization must deal with public disclosure of this information, possible ambush interviews of your executives by the media, official information disclosures, and press releases.

GuidePoint’s Compromise Assessments evaluate the current security posture of your organization and helps you to identify the appropriate response to attackers. GuidePoint’s Compromise Assessments identify key threats, pinpoint threat vectors, and act as a deterrent for possible malicious activity. Compromise Assessments help your organization develop an effective response plan through identification of possible indicators and training with your teams.

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