Analytics Driven Security

Analytics are a foundational part of every security operation. Do you have the telemetry you need to identify breach activity, understand deviations from your baseline, and hunt for intrusions? Our experts help assist our customers in building an analytics solution that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes operational overhead.


GuidePoint offers hands-on security analytics services to help your team design and install a robust analytics solution, including customization and tuning that meets your unique business needs. Our gap analysis and architecture review services can optimize your current solution to ensure your security team is getting the most operational intelligence for your investment.

GuidePoint’s Security Analytics services include:

Do you need help with Security Analytics? Does your team:

  • Have to review many log sources to track down an incident?
  • Have challenges collecting logs from relevant sources?
  • Struggle with aggregating information from your logs?
  • Have difficulties correlating events on your network with incidents?
  • Worry your organization isn’t getting the full value of the security solution you’re using?
  • Have limited time and resources to address all your security needs?
  • Struggle with communicating security incidents and security posture to senior management?

Our team can partner with you to create an easier-to-use, specialized security solution to search all your log data in one convenient platform. We can develop a plan to correlate events on your network with incidents, communicate security information to senior executives, and make the most of your existing resources.

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