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Analytics are a foundational part of every security operation. Do you have the telemetry you need to identify breach activity, understand deviations from your baseline, and hunt for intrusions? Our experts help assist our customers in building an analytics solution that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes operational overhead.


Has your organization implemented a Splunk platform, but you don’t know what to do with the data? GuidePoint Security can help you identify patterns and provide metrics with a core Splunk health check.

To meet your operational intelligence demands, GuidePoint’s team has experienced Splunk consultants and architects with years of combined experience in design, implementation, and maintenance. Our professionals have extensive expertise in security analytics, incident response, and security architecture. GuidePoint can enhance your security team so you get full value from your platform.

Do you need help identifying patterns and evaluating metrics? We can ensure you’re getting the most out of your Splunk data.

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