Analytics Driven Security

Analytics are a foundational part of every security operation. Do you have the telemetry you need to identify breach activity, understand deviations from your baseline, and hunt for intrusions? Our experts help assist our customers in building an analytics solution that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes operational overhead.


Does your organization have many compliance requirements? Do you need to keep data on-site? Do you depend on internal staff to manage security data? If you answered yes to any of these, GuidePoint Security can help you build an internal Security Operations Center (SOC).

GuidePoint Security has developed a robust, repeatable method for building out a SOC and Security Incident and Event Management system (SIEM) to fit your organization’s needs while reinforcing your security architecture.

Your SOC starts with a security architecture review, spanning all aspects of security including firewalls, endpoint protection, access controls, and identity management. From there, our GuidePoint team will work with you to complete a requirement and gap analysis to determine your system users, access, and critical data. This analysis allows us to create a SOC to protect your business, people, and data.

From continuous monitoring processes to physical access control, GuidePoint’s SOC services protects your organization and arms your security team with a durable security operations strategy.

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