Proactively Identify Vulnerabilities

GuidePoint’s Threat & Attack Simulation services mimic real-world attacks to identify exploitable attack paths in organizations’ IT infrastructures, security control implementations, and human behavior. These services include cutting-edge attacks, prove actual organizational risk, and provide realistic recommendations for improving the organization’s security posture.


Unaddressed vulnerabilities in your network, systems, and products are real risks for your organization. GuidePoint Security’s Penetration Testing experts have years of experience identifying and demonstrating the impact of exploiting vulnerabilities in environments of various sizes and complexities. Our consultants will work with your team and provide tangible information that communicates risk to key business decision-makers and facilitates timely remediation.

GuidePoint’s Penetration Testing team specializes in offensive assessments and is not only technically adept but is also skilled at framing findings in the context of organizational risk. Extensive backgrounds in operational IT and information security management roles also enable GuidePoint consultants to not only provide useful, realistic recommendations but also support remediation/mitigation efforts after the assessment is complete.

GuidePoint performs Penetration Testing in a multitude of environments, from traditional External and Internal Penetration Tests to full Red Team assessments and attack simulation across any platform or system. GuidePoint can also help you to test your security defenses and incident response teams by creating custom targeted attack scenarios, circumventing security controls, and attempting to exfiltrate target data.

GuidePoint’s Penetration Testing services include:

  • External, Internal, and Wireless Penetration Tests
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Assessments
  • Medical Device and Embedded Systems Assessments
  • Physical Security and Red Team Assessments
  • Corporate Espionage Simulation
  • Custom Security Assessments

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