Proactively Identify Vulnerabilities

GuidePoint’s Threat & Attack Simulation services mimic real-world attacks to identify exploitable attack paths in organizations’ IT infrastructures, security control implementations and human behavior. These services include simulating cutting-edge attacks, prove actual organizational risk and provide realistic recommendations for improving the organization’s security posture.


Social Engineering is the ultimate exploitation of trust, and testing these attack avenues are an important part of a robust information security program.

Social engineering allows attackers to bypass the most sophisticated technical security controls and technologies. Even if you patch all vulnerabilities, and all systems are hardened, human error will always have the potential to give an attacker the access they desire.

GuidePoint Security’s Social Engineering approach compliments technical assessments and evaluates the human element, which is often how attackers have gained a foothold in a target environment in some of the largest breaches. These assessments identify potential areas of weakness, confirm the effectiveness of existing controls, and identify gaps in your personnel’s understanding of modern threats.

GuidePoint takes great care in understanding your organizational goals and success criteria to execute Social Engineering campaigns that simulate an actual attack and satisfy your objectives. GuidePoint tailors each engagement to our clients’ specific requirements and leverages email, voice, face-to-face, and/or other communication methods to interact with your users and provide the highest value.

Upon completion of the engagement, GuidePoint will provide a detailed assessment report that details the attack path(s), defines the impact of successful attacks, and provides realistic recommendations to prevent such attacks from succeeding in the future.

Are your users trained to identify real-world Social Engineering attacks? Let us help you develop a testing plan to test your users’ aptitude to identify threats, the effectiveness of your security awareness training program, and incident response activities that could limit damages in the event of a successful attack.

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