GuidePoint Senior Security Consultant Selected for Black Hat Europe Arsenal Presentation

Brian Beaudry will speak about OWASP ZSC

Brian Beaudry, senior security consultant, will represent GuidePoint Security at Black Hat Europe Nov. 1-4, as a featured Arsenal presenter.

Brian has been a part of the GuidePoint team for the past two years in the application security practice. He will deliver a special presentation on the OWASP ZSC tool created by Ali Razmjoo. The presentation will be from 10-11:50 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 3, at Arsenal Station 4 in the Business Hall at the Business Design Centre in London.

OWASP ZSC is an open-source tool written in the Python programming language. It allows users to generate customized shellcode as well as obfuscate scripts. The shellcode can then be used to develop proof-of-concept exploits to demonstrate the impact of discovered vulnerabilities. ZSC’s script obfuscation functionality allows it to take code the developer does not want to be easily viewed and obfuscates it to make the reverse engineer’s job more difficult.

OWASP ZSC uses new encoding techniques and methods many antivirus suites will not detect. OWASP ZSC encoders generate shellcode with random encodings, which allows it to generate thousands of new dynamic shellcodes within the same job in just a second. The software runs on Windows/Linux/OSX under Python.

Brian recently served as a Google Summer of Code mentor for OWASP, providing subject matter expertise to the ZSC project on Windows-based shellcode. He was also involved in presenting the tool at Defcon 2016 Demo Labs.

During Black Hat’s interactive Arsenal, presenters like Brian share the latest in open-source tool and product development, including demonstrations and thought-provoking conversations. Each tool submitted to the Arsenal undergoes a review by the Black Hat Europe review board to find the best and most innovative tools under development in the security space.

“We are so excited that Brian has this chance to share his knowledge and enthusiasm about OWASP in a global market,” said Bryan Orme, principal of information assurance, at GuidePoint Security. “It’s a unique opportunity for talented GuidePoint professionals like Brian to connect with others from around the world to brainstorm and network about cutting-edge technologies, solutions, and tools that continue to advance the ever-evolving information security industry. We are all proud of Brian, and can’t wait to see his presentation.”

By participating in Black Hat Europe 2016 trainings and briefing sessions, attendees get hands-on learning opportunities with some of the world’s leading information security researchers and developers, while exploring industry trends in a vendor-neutral environment.

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