Why GuidePoint’s Managed Security Services?

By design, our managed security services offering addresses the flaws found with other Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). Our world class customer satisfaction rating validates our approach and provides reassurance that together we can achieve your mission.


The world is rapidly moving to a fully digital economy. This transformation simplifies transactions for consumers and businesses. As a result, we expect frictionless access to information regardless of location or interface method. With an increasing array of connected devices, the range of interfaces will continue to accelerate. For CISOs and IT teams, this creates even more attack surface areas and challenges to protect sensitive corporate data and customer information. The Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, migration to 5G, cloud ubiquity, increasing use of cloud based apps, mobile payments and streaming content has created an always on, instant access society. It’s not surprising that as threats accelerate, access points grow and tools proliferate, the demand for security experts continues to grow exponentially. In the face of these challenges, the demands on CISOs is unyielding. We recognized the changing landscape from our customers and partners, which is why we created our managed security services.

Our objective in creating this service offering was straightforward, we wanted to assist our customers by leveraging our considerable information security expertise and world class curation experience across a plethora of point solutions to leverage our team to augment our customers’ internal teams and technology investments. As hiring and retaining security analysts becomes increasingly competitive, we believe that we are in a unique position to help our customers. The rapid growth of our managed security service offering has proven our thesis. Customers want and need a trusted, proven managed security service backed by expert curation, next generation threat detection and predictive analytics – all backed by world class customer service. Cloud-based, easy to activate, expand or contract as business needs evolve, our managed security service offering has already been selected by numerous Fortune 500 companies and dozens of small to mid-sized commercial and government enterprises.

The table below summarizes the business challenges and benefits of our solution.

Our Managed Security Services

We combine people, process and technology to deliver best in class protection for a competitively priced monthly subscription.

Our managed security services solve key business challenges for enterprises of all sizes:

• Cybersecurity talent shortage
• Expense of building and operating a SOC
• Ever-changing technologies and skills
• Low customer satisfaction industry
• Constantly evolving threats

Our managed security services map to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and assist you with identifying threats and vulnerabilities through detecting, responding to, and recovering from validated incidents. Our modular solutions offer maximum flexibility to protect your existing investments. These solutions include:

• Identify VM – Results-driven vulnerability management
• Protect – Next-generation security technology management
• Detect – Validated alerting and active hunting
• Respond – Rapid incident response services
• Recover – Comprehensive remediation services

Different by Design

Designed to address the shortcomings of traditional MSSPs, our managed security service differentiates in the following ways:

• We validate 1st, alert 2nd, ensuring our clients only receive alerts they need to focus on
• We implement the solution in less than 60 days
• We provide our clients direct access to their data
• We provide our clients portability
• We over communicate with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews
• We leverage the power of cloud computing to grow with our clients

The Managed Security Service Platform


The managed security services team works with over 100 vendors. We continuously evaluate and support these technologies in order to advise our customers on best of breed solutions based on their precise requirements. We consider deployed solutions, budget, staffing, goals, objectives and strategic plans as part of every recommendation. We carefully analyze each particular customer’s needs and customize their solution accordingly. GuidePoint influences and facilitates billions in annual cybersecurity investment on behalf of our customers. This continuous evaluation cycle uniquely positions us to deliver the optimal managed security service for our managed security service customers.


With a plethora of point solutions on the market today, it’s incredibly challenging to keep pace and ensure an optimal configuration for your cyber defenses. Our manage security service offering is delivered as a cloud-based solution and seamlessly integrates with your existing cyber technologies. The advanced detection platform will extend the life of your existing investments and deliver the threat protection your firm needs. The team’s extensive experience in multi-vendor environments, and the pre-engineered library of APIs provides the platform and orchestration to quickly deploy and benefit from our strong backstop of support for your team.

Early Warning

The substantial data analytics and machine learning platform allows the threat hunting team to proactively predict threats and become much more efficient and adept at pinpointing your highest risk areas. Identifying and preventing breaches before they occur and vastly reducing false positives is the mission. The platform is driven by automated, self-learning AI and machine learning algorithms and improves every day. We’ve got your back – 24|7|365.

Always On

Cloud-based, delivered from redundant, world class Security Operations Centers in Virginia, Florida and Colorado and backed by a strong team of analysts to ensure constant monitoring to protect your enterprise, Our managed security service is always on. Customers benefit from easy, single screen access to the platform and team.


Our extraordinary volume of data ingestion across the widest possible range of cybersecurity devices, applications and platforms uniquely positions us from a data analysis perspective. Leveraging this substantial volume of historical data from the widest possible array of network access points gives the managed security services platform the ability to deliver advanced analytical insights that other MSSP providers simply cannot. This unique access to data, coupled with a team of data scientists, machine-learning and AI experts guarantees the most advanced threat detection in the industry. The real-time analytics engine, backed by a deep team of security analysts, ensures well-informed, data-driven intelligence is delivered daily to your team.

Innovation Delivers Insurance for the Future

The results of our R&D and product enhancements are automatically pushed to all customers on a monthly basis via our cloud subscription model. This approach, coupled with world class curation, gives you the assurance you need that your security platform will always remain at the forefront of advanced threat protection.


Our managed security service offering provides optimal flexibility. You can subscribe to the full MSSP offering and receive a turnkey managed security solution or you can subscribe to a single module. We align our solution and pricing to match your exact needs, while allowing flexibility to add/subtract modules and volume as your business requirements change and evolve. We are the perfect partner for all of your cybersecurity needs.

Client Testimonials

Our customers continue to rate our managed security services as “World Class” via our Net Promoter Score surveys. Below are a sample of the comments included in these surveys.

“Awesome Solution. Awesome Staff.”
VP of Security, Financial Services Company

“Over the past year, they have provided great value to the company, by extending our security staff, watching the environment for anomalies, and building and normalizing our Splunk environment.”
Senior Security Analyst, National Retail Company

“You are very professional and you care. I’m really glad that we decided to become a client.”
VP of Engineering, eCommerce Company

“The implementation has gone extremely well.”
Director of Information Technology, Manufacturing Company

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