Analytics Driven Security

Analytics are a foundational part of every security operation. Do you have the telemetry you need to identify breach activity, understand deviations from your baseline, and hunt for intrusions? Our experts help assist our customers in building an analytics solution that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes operational overhead.


If your organization uses Splunk Enterprise Security and you want to realize the full value of your SIEM, GuidePoint Security can help ensure that tuning is correct and it ingests all data.

We have extensive security expertise with Splunk and all related security tools, products and log sources. Our Splunk team will work with you to identify fitting-use cases to kick-start your SIEM.

We can end the tedious process of use-case development that often comes with a new buildout. Our process will also lower the number of false positives, making any alerts or notable events actionable. Your organization can trust in accurate and dependable security correlations tuned to the needs of your security environment.

Are you sure that your Splunk Enterprise Security is processing data? Our Splunk experts can help you check your Splunk Enterprise Security.

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